Life of Grinev in Belogorsky Fortress. The story “Captain’s daughter” is written in the form of memoirs of the main character – Peter Grinev. Petrusha’s childhood was free and free, he “lived cheaply, driving pigeons and playing leapfrog with the courtyard boys.” But after reaching the age of sixteen, the father decides
Send Peter to serve in the army. Petrusha was delighted with this, because he hoped for service in Petersburg, in the Guards and was sure that life there would be as easy and carefree as in his own home. My father rightly reasoned that St. Petersburg could teach a young man to “shake and shovel”, so he sends his son to the general with a letter in which he asks an old friend to identify Peter in the service in a safe place and be more rigid with him.
Thus, Peter Grinev, upset by far from gladdening prospects of his future, falls into the Belogorsky fortress. At first he expected to see a “deaf fortress” on the border of the Kirghiz-Kaisak steppes: with formidable bastions, towers and a rampart. Captain Mironov Peter imagined himself “a strict, angry old man who knows nothing but his service.” What was Peter’s amazement when he approached the real Belogorsky fortress – “a village surrounded by a log fence”! Of all the formidable weapons – only an old cast-iron gun, serving not so much to defend the fortress, as for the games of children. The commandant turns out to be an affectionate kind old man of “high growth”, he goes out to conduct exercises dressed in a homely way – “in a cap and in a Chinese coat.” No less surprising for Peter was the sight of a brave army – defenders of the fortress: “a man of twenty old invalids with long braids and in triangular hats,” from which most could not remember where the right is and where it is left.
A very short time passed, and Grinev was already glad that fate led him to this “God-Saving” village. – The commandant and his family turned out to be nice, simple, kind and honest people, to whom Peter became attached with all his heart and became in this house a frequent and long-awaited guest.
In the fortress “there were no reviews, no exercises, no guard”, but nevertheless, the young man, not burdened by service, was promoted to officers.
Communication with pleasant and nice people, reading, and especially in the heart of Peter’s love for Masha Mironova played an important role in shaping the character of the young officer. Pyotr Grinev stands ready and resolute in defense of his feelings and the good name of Masha in front of the mean and dishonest Shvabrin. Shabrin’s unfair blow in the duel brought Grinev not only a serious wound, but also Masha’s attention and care. Peter’s successful recovery brings young people closer, and Grinev makes a proposal to the girl, confessing before that in her love. However, the pride and nobility of Masha do not allow her to enter into marriage with Peter without the consent and blessing of his parents. Unfortunately, Grinev’s father believes that this love is just a young man’s whim, and does not give his consent to marriage.
The arrival of Pugachev with his “gang of bandits and rebels” destroyed the life of the inhabitants of the Belogorsky fortress. During this period, the best features and moral qualities of Peter Grinev are revealed. Piously he fulfills the father’s covenant: “Take care of the honor from the young.” He boldly refuses to swear allegiance to Pugachev even after the commandant and many other defenders of the Belogorsky fortress were killed before his eyes. By his kindheartedness, honesty, directness and decency, Peter was able to earn the respect and disposition of Pugachev himself.
It’s not for himself that Peter’s heart aches during his participation in the hostilities. He worries about the fate of his beloved, who was at first an orphan, then taken prisoner to defector Shvabrin. Grinev feels that once he confessed to Masha in his feelings, he took responsibility for the future of a lonely and defenseless girl.
Thus, we see how important the role played in the life of Peter Grinev, the period he spent in the Belogorsky Fortress. During this time, the hero managed to grow and mature, he thought about the meaning and value of human life, and in communication with various people, all the wealth of the moral purity of the hero was revealed.